Chicago tenants may get protection against foreclosure evictions

Aug 15, 2008 - 6:03 pm | By

Chicago tenants who face eviction due to landlord foreclosure may receive some additional assistance from City Hall.  The plan is being put forth by the Chicao mayor Daley, which will provide up to three months of rent and moving expenses for tenants affected by the landlord foreclosure.  The new bill is also looking to expand the notice to 90 days notice for all tenants affecting before being evicted from foreclosed properties.  According to the Chicago Sun Times, some renters “get as little as five days’ notice.”

Keep them renting or abandon the building
This bill addresses a larger strategic issue for urban planners, whether to keep foreclosed buildings with renters inside to maintain the value of the property, or evict them and have an abandoned building on the block, open to vandalism and abuse.

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