Does Crime-Free Certificate mean Diet Crime?

Aug 6, 2008 - 4:13 pm | By

We certainly hope the best for Fairfield anti-crime program with property managers in mind.  The Police have established a three phase problem to certify housing complexes with the “Crime-Free” distinction.   According the new article/press release, “The certification program was developed to reduce crime, clean up rental properties and increase property values”

The program sounds like an effective campaign by the city to remove the blight and scourge of multi-occupancy crime.   But really; “crime-free”?  Couldn’t they think of a better word.  Sounds alot like Carbs-free foods – you know the best of intentions by food companies and STILL you continue to gain weight!  Crime-Free doesn’t mean crime-free, because despite the best environmental design, the most advanced lighting system, and the most responsive crisis resolution team, crimes will start with your tenants.  

Most property managers have thin margins and cannot redesign their environments, or hire security guards or install video cameras.  We recommend you conduct tenant background checks with a web-based provider like Corra Tenant Screening or Tenant Checker.   Understanding your prospective tenants criminal history and credit history will allow you see potential patterns of abuse and crime.  


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