Tenant Screening Program helps Bite Crime

Sep 19, 2008 - 11:32 am | By

Sometimes landlords and property managers can take a bite out of crime when they run criminal background checks on their prospective tenants.  In addition to running tenant credit reports for financial history, landlords are now running criminal records searches to make sure their tenants don’t have a history of violance or are currently out on an active warrant.  Not only can a tenant with a violent history open landlords to potential lawsuits from other victimized tenants, but tenants with active warrants have a habit of getting arrested and incarcerated, and not making their rent.   This can potentially lead to the costly and time consuming eviction process. 

Saving time and money with Tenant Screening
With a fast tenant screening program, you can run an instant credit report and a nationwide criminal database search and have the results returned instantly.  Further criminal research can require a county researcher, but the instant report is pretty effective in many states.

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