More Tenants From Hell

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Apartment Trashed by Tenant

It seems there’s always a bad apple out there somewhere. Most tenants are great people, just looking for a place to live. When things go wrong, they approach problems in a decent respectful manner. We always recommend landlords and managements companies to address tenant complaints in a timely and efficient manner. Sometimes landlords can be insensitive, aloof, or even a “slumlord”, which will earn the ire of tenants. Tenants will respond in a number of ways, so it’s best to always get out in front of problems and resolve. Always consult local, state, and national codes and laws to determine your rights and best course of action.

Sometimes, regardless of how responsive you are, you may have a tenant who is unwilling to recognize the logical and legal limitations of your role as landlord. What they decided to do about it is anyone’s guess; hopefully you leases to a decent and honest person. Did you? Did you conduct a background check to verify their employment, income, and or criminal history?

Sometime tenants will just trash your place. Like this guy in England from a Times UK article.

The landlord spents months trying to evict a tenant, and when he finally did, he found the place was vandalized to the tune of £20,000. That’s a big number to absorb when you are attempting to earn some passive income of your income property investments.

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