Tenant Screening Regarding inaccurate background checks

Feb 27, 2014 - 9:27 am | By

There’s a court case in the news about a background check company that allegedly incorrectly described a potential tenant and employee as a sex offender.  According to courthouse news service “They blamed the inaccurate sex-offender designation on National Tenant Network having mistakenly relied on a consumer report for Charles Otis Meyer and several other individuals with similar name”

We conducting any form of background screening, it is paramount that you choose a vendor that accurately screening criminal database searches.  The background screening company must adopt strict procedures to ensure adverse public records information is complete and up to date.  That means, initially confirming that the actual criminal record is a match with your subject.  Many database records can be name only matches, or similar names, with middle names not matching, or date of birth variances.   Once identity has been confirmed, a local courthouse check is in order to confirm the current status on the case.  Databases are notorious for not including the most current data on a case.  Should a case be dismissed later, after a suspension, this information is vital for an employer to make a correct hiring decision.


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