Tenant Credit Reports

Instant Tenant Credit Reports with FICO Score

Tenant Checker’s web-based Tenant Screening Service gives you instant access to your renter’s credit history file from Experian with FICO Score.   We offer official credit bureau data to help you evaluate their past financial responsibility and help you make an informed decision regarding your potential tenants.
Tenant Experian Credit Report includes:

    orange arrow graphic  FICO Credit Risk Score
    orange arrow graphic  Official Credit File from Experian
    orange arrow graphic  Reported addresses and employment
    orange arrow graphic  Reported Bankruptcies & other public records including liens and judgments
    orange arrow graphic  Extensive Payment History and Derogatory payments
    orange arrow graphic  Accounts in Collection
    orange arrow graphic  Previous credit history inquiries
 Site Inspection Required
Tenant Checker is obligated by the credit bureaus to make sure any credit reports we provide are used strictly in compliance with the permissible purpose of tenant screening.The Credit Bureaus require any new or potential clients to abide by the following before gaining access to credit reports: 
    orange arrow graphic  Client must have a secure office. We cannot provide credit reports to clients operating out an insecure office location.
    orange arrow graphic  Client must agree to have their office inspected by a third party inspector. We invoice the one-time inspection fee at cost, which is typically $57 depending on the location of the office. (high-volume users may have this fee waived)
    orange arrow graphic  Site Inspectors will visit your office to verify that consumer credit reports are stored securely in a locked location and that you operate in a legal manner and are not operating as a credit reseller or as an authorized services such as a private investigator, bail bondsman, etc.
    orange arrow graphic  Client must provide Corra with a signed and properly worded release form from the applicant for any credit reports that are ordered. Corra can provide a proper release form upon request.

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