Proposed renter background checks wouldn’t include BYU students

Jun 17, 2008 - 10:42 am | By

Renter background checks is a smart move for any landlord or property manager.  KSL.COM just published an article showing that Provo City is considering background checks for all citizens except for BYU students.  Apparently the assumption is that college students are less likely to commit crimes because they follow the college’s code of conduct.  As a smart landlord, we recommend running background checks on all college students.  While they have guaranteed funding from their parents, it is worth it determine which potential renter has already developed poor credit and a possible criminal record.   Provo City would be advised to not show favoritism to college students as all it takes is one incident with a bad student to open them up to some sort of liability situation.  Be smart and run credit checks and criminal records searches on all your prospective tenants.  

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