Tenant Reps role changing in tighter economy

Sep 10, 2008 - 10:00 am | By

Tenant Representation Brokers across the country are taking on more advisory roles in the face of a tigher economy. They are increasingly helping their client find deals on real estate and managing the expenses involved in searching for commercial leasing, as well as build out construction.   Tenant Reps are helping with negotiating the lease of real estate with the building owners, and can help clients locate cheaper, more affordable office space in areas outside of a firm’s known area of operations.

There has been a significant amount of what I would call hand-holding and advisory services in guiding our tenants on the choices available should they need to make a decision,” said Marc Miller, executive vice president at Winoker Realty Company, a privately-held, mid-size commercial real estate management and leasing firm in Manhattan.

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