More communities discuss tenant screening

Jul 21, 2009 - 11:11 am | By

Communities across the United States are starting to discuss the benefits of tenant screening, including how to conduct a tenant screening and how to follow the applicable state, local and federal laws.  Recently, Brainerd MN held a town hall meeting about tenant screening and this week they are getting to together to discuss it.  The original meeting occurred at the Police Department and was presented by the Police Chief.  Local residents received tips on how to collect information from prospective tenants, how to order a criminal background check, and how to read the background check report.  Most landlords and property managers are not criminal lawyers  and don’t know everything after criminal law terminology.  It’s great that the police chief sat down with the populace and explained how to read a background check report, including the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony, an infraction, as well as disposition information, including the difference between a  conviction and a deferral, or suspended imposition of sentence (or SIS)

Keep in my mind that screening a tenant screening report requires some analysis and evaluation of risk.   The paper version of someone might not match who they are: a DUI from ten years ago, doesn’t mean they are currently an alcoholic.  Look at the totality of the person, including conducting an employment verification and reference checks.

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