More local governments encouraging tenant screening

Mar 27, 2009 - 9:53 am | By

As the recession moves from Wall Street to Main Street, local cities are forced to deal with the affects, with shrinking tax revenue.   We were all hopefull during the housing boom that blighted parts of town would be regentrified, and the blight would be replaced by a white picket fence and an interest only mortage.  

Backsliding into chaos
Now, as new housing projects falter and the money dries up, more areas are backsliding into blight and neglect.  Municipalities are concerned about rising crime, particularly crimes of desperation including muggings, burglary, etc.  More cities are focused on the need for maintaining or improving the quality of their large multi-comples housing.   Carroll County Landlords Association is hosting a conference on tenant screening on April 2th, to help landlords learn about what services are all available to them.  

During this hard economic times, it’s reviewing your tenant screening policy.  Is it enough to jsut review your tenant’s credit report?   Should you verify their employment using a qualified employment verifying expert?  The paystub you see might just be the last one they got.

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