South Peoria moves towards tenant screening

Feb 27, 2009 - 12:27 pm | By

The city of Peoria is looking to instate of $25 annual fee for all landlords to “keep an up-to-date annual registration list. That includes names, addresses and phone numbers of all landlords.”

Currently Landlords are required to register one time, and the city council has the list and outdated. The purpose of the updated information appears to be a step towards regulating a part of town that is blighted by “Furniture sticking out of doorways, broken windows and peeling paint are not uncommon sights along the 1800 block of Martin Street.”

There’s an ordinance, that says city inspectors are supposed to inspection rental properties once every three years, but this is not happening, and they are relying on “initial landlord-tenant screening as a more up-to-date assessment of a rental property’s condition.”

Interesting that the city is relying on the landlords tenant screening program to assess the property’s condition.  The tenant screening solution should cover the criminal history, credit history, eviction history and possible employment history of the potential tenant.   The landlords should also be instituted a complex wide safety measure to reduce and eliminate crime.  Measures such as security guards (where appropriate) video cameras, and landlord walkthroughs can minimize this type of blight.  But a screening program can’t always check for the safety of the building, or the trash or abandoned furniture.  Landlords must get out in front of these problems before the problem escalates and reaches the local newspapers.  Public Relations is an preventative measure as well as crisis management.

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