Criminal Background Checks are part of Tenant Screening

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Owners and property managers of large low-income properties are facing increasing pressure to regulate and improve the safety of their complexes.  With the advent of the 24 hour news cycle and the availability of the Internet, the crime and safety levels are increasingly transparent in most residential communities, as bad news is publicized all the time and readily available forever. 

Using Media to promote your safety policy
However property managers and landlords can use electronic media to their advantage by publicizing their efforts to increase security.  By taking proactive steps to increase property safety, such instituting a comprehensive tenant screening program with tenant credit reports and background checks, property managers can publicize this information and usually reach a local newspapers.  For example Denton Apartments in made headlines in Dothan Alabama by discuss how they are cracking down on the partying teenagers in their parking lots.  The rest of the article discussing how running a background screening program and checking for drugs has become a full time job for the management company.

“We do not rent to felons and sex offenders. We may have a good person with a clean record to rent a place for somebody else and they try to slide in under the radar,” Hallford said.

“It’s a full-time job for me, looking for unauthorized persons in units. Residents have three days to get those people in here for background check. We do not want felons and sex offenders on the property and we do not want drugs on our property.”

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