Tenant Screening for first time landlords and property owners

Aug 8, 2008 - 12:47 pm | By

With a slow real estate market, the inventory of rental homes has increased, many with first time landlords.  The amount of renters has increased as many new home owners cannot afford to pay their mortgages.   Sometimes owners will attempt to find tenants themselves or use a mortgage company.   Home owners are advised to screen their potential tenants closely, because in a difficult economy it can be hard to find tenants with responsible cash flow.  The montgomery advertiser has a piece about a broker with more rentals on his hands.

Harris agreed that getting qual­ified renters can be difficult. He said his firm screens its renters more closely than many mortgage companies.”We look at credit reports, do a background check and verify in­come,” he said. The company even checks with former landlords or mortgage companies about payment habits.

Some tenant screening you can do yourself, but conducting criminal background checks and credit reports requires a background screening firm like corragroup.com.   You have secure account with online access to criminal data and credit data.   This is a significant step towards protecting an investment in real estate if you are planning to rent out your first home.


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